We know our departments within Student Affairs host many events throughout the year. Our team has gathered tips and information on how best to advertise your events with students across campus. From flyers to a-frames to all the ways to effectively promote your events inside the DUC, we hope these links and resources are helpful to your team.

Got questions? Send us an Email. Need help with design projects? Please submit a project request.

Where can I hang my flyers?

Flyers can posted on bulletin boards inside and outside most campus buildings including, but not limited to: the Danforth University Center, Mallinckrodt Center, the Ridgley Arcade and in specific campus library spaces:

  • Olin Library: Bulletin board in Whispers cafe, near vending and copy machine
  • Business Library: Whiteboard outside of Office 290A
  • Music Library: Bulletin board in the breezeway

There is a limit of 2 flyers per board/kiosk. Posters, flyers and other notices may not be posted on walls, doors, windows, trees, lampposts or sidewalks.

Flyers can also be posted around Residential Life. The Office of Residential Life will accept 150 flyers dropped off at the Residential Life Front Desk for their team to distribute throughout the halls. Flyers must be dropped off two weeks in advance to allow their team enough time to hang the flyers. For more information, email Evan Keil. You may also submit a digital version of your flyer for the ResLife Digital Displays in the Bear’s Den and Residential Halls.

Who can print my flyers and posters?

It is preferred for your office to print flyers and posters professionally with an outside printer. This elevates the quality of work our Division displays, meets University brand standards and helps us to stand out among the other flyers. We recommend using the following printer shops for quick projects like flyers and posters:

HiTec Copy Center -Located across the street from the Athletic Complex on Big Bend and they conveniently deliver to Campus

Fedex on Campus-Located in the WashU Bookstore within the Mallinckrodt Center.

Can I use a-frames/sandwich boards to advertise on campus?

A-frames are a great way to get students attention on campus. The frames to hold the a-frame sign can be rented from the OVCSA office. To do so, please email Student Affairs Marketing & Communications. Signs for the a-frames can be printed at HiTec Copy Center or FedEx on Campus.

Ideal placement of a-frames on campus for the best foot traffic include:

  • Outside the entrance to the DUC on the Mudd Field side
  • Outside the Sumers Recreation Center
  • Outside the Olin Library main entrance
  • Outside the Women’s Building on the sidewalk
Student Life

Student Life, the independent student newspaper of WashU, offers various options for advertising your events and programming to current students and the community including print ads in their weekly newspaper, digital ads for studlife.com and banner ads in their daily eNewsletter.

Oak Walk Banners

A limited number of spaces along Oak Walk are available to hang professionally made vinyl banners to promote events for student groups and university departments.

  • There is space for 13 two-sided banners on the Oak Walk from Umrath Hall to January Hall
  • Banner space may be requested for up to 14 consecutive days
Chalking on Campus

Chalking is allowed outside on uncovered sidewalks and can be used to promote your events. Please note, chalking is not allowed on building walls, trees, covered sidewalks or any other surface.

How can I advertise my events/initiatives to staff members in the Division of Student Affairs?

The best way to get your information out to the Division is through the monthly Student Affairs eNewsletter. The eNewsletter is sent out on the first Tuesday of each month. To have content featured in the eNewsletter, please submit information at least a week in advance (by the last Tuesday of each month).

Advertising in the DUC


Slides may be submitted to be displayed on the digital screens around the Danforth University Center. Artwork must be submitted at least one week prior to your requested start date.

DUC Tabling

Tables are available both inside and outside the Danforth University Center for university recognized student organizations and departments to promote their activities. There are six tables available to reserve.

  • Standard tabling hours are 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Table Tents

University departments, schools or Student Union recognized organizations can use WU Dining Services table top displays to promote an activity or event at WashU to the campus audience. To do so, applications must be submitted and approved prior to being displayed.

  • Applications should be submitted for approval at least one week in advance.

DUC Banners

The Danforth University Center offers advertising through the Tisch Commons Banner Advertising Program. This program allows for 6 single-sided banners to be installed on the balcony railings surrounding Tisch Commons.

  • Banner spaces may be requested for seven consecutive days beginning on Mondays
  • Each group or department may make only one reservation per month
  • Reservations for banner space must be made at least 30 days in advance

Chalk walls

Chalk walls are available for reservation in the Danforth University Center to advertise your events.

  • There are seven wall spaces available to university recognized student groups and departments.
  • Chalk wall reservations begin on Monday and may be requested for two weeks of each month.