Information on Part-Time Student Employees

Many undergraduate and graduate students work in part-time positions on campus outside of their educational programs. In general, these jobs are fewer than 10 hours a week and serve various units in support roles.


  • Of the student worker population, 76% are undergraduate students and 23% are graduate students
  • Washington University’s largest units employing student employees include:
    • Student Affairs (DUC, athletics, housing, etc.)
    • Admissions
    • Gephardt, Edison, DENEB
    • University Library
    • Schools of Engineering, Arts & Sciences, and Medicine


Student workers are part-time employees; some are supported through Federal Work Study (see below).  The university observes the state of Missouri’s minimum wage, but individual units have the option to pay more to their student workers.  As part-time jobs, these positions are meant to provide supplemental financial support and experience while students pursue their studies.

Student Employment Opportunities


Federal Work-Study Employment

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is an important part of need-based financial assistance award packages. Many campus employers participate in the FWS program. In this program, students typically work about 6-10 hours a week.

Federal Work Study at Washington University

  • 16% of all wages earned by undergraduate students is through FWS.
  • $2.06 million earned by all students through FWS. 56% ($1.1m) from undergraduate students and 42% ($900k) from graduate students
  • The average pay rate for FWS students is currently $10.00/hour.
  • Federal government requires students be paid at least the local prevailing minimum wage.
  • Units have the option to post their jobs through the WashU FWS program, which is managed by Student Financial Services. Over 125 different departments participate.
  • Costs for FWS students are split 50/50 between the federal government and the host department.
  • Students provide their top choices and are matched to jobs by SFS.

For information on Work Study employment contact Student Financial Services at 888.547.6670 or 314.935.5900.

Non-Work Study Employment

Part-time employment not funded by the FWS program is also available on campus. Students should check the Career Center’s CareerLink for employment opportunities to learn more about part-time job opportunities on or near campus. Students should also check with each academic school’s Dean’s office and any of the units in Student Affairs for available positions .  Below are some of the main student employers on campus:

Career Center 314-935-5930
Residential Life 314-935-5050
Campus Life 314-935-3443
Athletics 314-935-5220
Recreation 314-935-4619
Cornerstone: The Learning Center 314-935-5970
Admissions 314-935-6000
Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement 314-935-5599
Edison Theatre 314-935-6543
University Library 314-935-5400