Student Experience Website

Improvements to Website Request Form

Your suggestions are helping us make things better for YOU!


Based on great feedback from department users, we’ve made some adjustments to the form used to submit updates to the new Student Experience website:

  • Confirmation email notices (when your request has been completed) now include:
    • The full detail of your request so you’ll know exactly which request has been completed
    • Clickable link(s) to allow you to review the new or updated content on the site easily
    • A option for your Brand Manager to send a note back to you regarding your request
    • You can now request deletion of a post or staff contact
  • We’ve added a more streamlined way to request Announcement & News items for your department page
  • The request has been changed to black and white to improve visibility and readability
  • You can also now also find the website request form on the Harvey Media Center website at in case you previously bookmarked that link

Thanks to all who have provided input! Please keep sharing your feedback as we continue to improve this process for departments by contacting Kathy Atnip.