Divisional Feedback

We want to hear from you!

This form was developed to allow all staff in the Division of Student Affairs to share ideas with our leadership team in the Division of Student Affairs related to cost savings as well as revenue opportunities. Staff may submit suggestions in four areas of Divisional costs. Once submitted, pertinent information will be forwarded to Student Affairs Senior Leadership for review and consideration. Staff may submit suggestions anonymously, or may provide their name if they’re open to provide more detailed feedback or suggestions.

Below select the areas you have suggestions for budget reduction strategies. Include your suggestions and if you’d like to provide your contact information for follow up for further questions related to your suggestions.

Divisional Feedback Form
Opportunities for training, engagement or social development that are offered by the Division of Student Affairs that support the academic, co-curricular and developmental needs of our students but are optional and usually one time or of a short duration.
The broad range of supports the Division provides to help students navigate through college successfully, including counseling, administrative process, resources or materials to enhance or provide support to our students.
Expenses associated with running the Divisions core operations on a daily basis these include things such as payroll, utilities, and office supplies.
Process used through various training programs, opportunities and resources to enhance skills, acquire new knowledge and skills, develop a sense of community amongst the Division.

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