We will provide up to fifty dollars to student affairs employees to connect with a student, or group of students, with whom you have not previously connected. The goals of this program are to create a sense of engagement and belonging for students through our professional staff by establishing new points of connection; to provide an opportunity for students to be mentored by our Student Affairs staff; and to gain insight into how students are doing. There are three important notes to share: 

  • We ask that you not take a student employee you supervise to lunch. 
  • This is a pilot for the spring 2023 semester. We will assess the usage of this program and the outcomes over the summer. 
  • You must list the name of the student(s) you plan to have a meal with.
  • Once we receive your application, you will receive a confirmation from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs that you can come to the office to pick up a card pre-loaded with $50 in Bear Bucks that can be used at any participating location.
  • After your meal, please return the Bear Bucks Card and the receipt to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Please complete the form below to apply.

Connect with Students for a Meal

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