Training & Development

The Assistant Dean for Assessment sponsors workshops as part of the division’s objective of training and educating members of the division around the practice of successful assessment. Workshop sessions are open to staff and faculty. We encourage you to join a workshop for assistance in creating a survey and to learn more about assessment methods and tools. Individuals or departments interested in should contact Tim Bono, Assistant Dean for Assessment to schedule a workshop or specialized training for your group or department.

Assessment 101

This presentation will introduce participants to key elements of assessment, including writing learning outcomes that are clear and measurable, “do’s and don’ts” of survey questions, and the most effective ways to capture student learning and development using data beyond simple anecdotes and stories.

Intro to Focus Groups

Have you heard people talk about running a focus group, but you’re not sure how it all works? Or have you tried running a focus group session in the past and wondered if it might have gone better? This session will provide you with the basics of how to run a focus group, including five important steps: defining your purpose, developing questions, recruiting and preparing participants, conducting the session, and analyzing the data. Take-aways include sample focus group questions, recruitment flyers, invitee tracking form, introductory remarks for the moderator, sample consent forms and a sample data analysis format.

Intro to Campus Labs

Learn about the versatility of Campus Labs (formerly StudentVoice), an assessment resource that is free for all student services staff. We will go over the logistics associated with creating an account, setting up surveys and collecting data online. In addition, we will discuss other Campus Labs services including webinars, ready-made rubrics, assessment consultation and the ability to capture assessment data on students’ smartphones to incorporate their data in real time during a presentation or program. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own smartphones, if they have them, for a brief demonstration.