The Committee for the Assessment of the Undergraduate Student Experience (CAUSE) is intended to support the measurement of student growth, development and learning both inside and outside the classroom at Washington University in St. Louis.

An efficient, thoughtful approach to student assessment is critical as Washington University in St. Louis moves toward its ongoing strategic goals.

With this in mind, CAUSE, the Committee for the Assessment of the Undergraduate Student Experience, was established to more thoroughly and accurately measure the WashU undergraduate student experience. CAUSE coordinates WashU assessment efforts, educates the campus community and keeps an archive of existing and prior assessments.

By coordinating data collection from relevant services and programs, we aim to advance a culture of continuous improvement for the undergraduate experience.

Faculty and staff from a variety of departments meet biweekly to discuss assessment initiatives taking place across campus. Meetings focus on best practices in assessment and opportunities for collaboration between departments.

Learn more about the formation of CAUSE by visiting the WUSTL Newsroom.