Confused@WashU: What’s With This Form?

Dear Confused@WashU:

confusedThanks for asking us about about the best way to request an update to the Student Experience Website. We know the website request form can be quirky and pretty nosy plus the jargon may not make sense. Never fear: your friendly website self-help gurus in the Marketing, Communications and Media Technology team are here!

When working on the form, think in “jumps.” The form means well but it really just wants you to jump through each question as it’s presented. Some answers must be completed and before you can move on and some baldly ask you to format your answer a certain way: “that email doesn’t look valid,” anyone? But if you come to a question that you can’t answer, try hitting your Tab key to skip it and all the fuss entirely. And don’t tell a soul but you can also Shift-Tab to go back up through the form questions for a do-over.

Some of the questions branch based on your answer so the form may look different each time you use it. But don’t despair! It will always want to know your name, Email address, department name and whether you’re in a hurry to get the information published today. Just keep calm and click on.

Try this handy cheat sheet to help you decide how to answer the question about type of content. Once you choose, the form will happily grill you more about your content, jump by jump. One more bit of advice: you’ll probably use the content type of “post” most often, which is the same as a page on any other website. If you have tags (or keywords in simple terms–why do these web people make it complicated?) that can help make your post more visible, add them please. Or skip to the next question: your secret is safe with us! Also you know what they say about a picture and a thousand words so send us an image to go with your content.

One more insider tip: if your message is not getting through with all the form’s questions, feel free to attach a document (Word, PDF, JPG) to explain things in your own way.

If the request form is a no-go for you, we give you full permission to send an Email with your information: we won’t blab. Just address it to your faithful brand manager or to Kathy Atnip, who can be a real know-it-all.

Good luck and thank you for writing, Confused@WashU.