Update to Formidable Forms

Click on the image and see notes below

  • When building or editing a form, the field options are now located in a menu to the left. This allows more space on the right to display the form as it will look for users
  • To add a field, use the left menu button Add Fields
  • To edit a field already on the form, click on that field in the form at right
  • To change field options, including conditional logic, click on the field in the form at right and choose the button Field Options at left
  • To change settings including notifications, click on the button Settings at top right
  • To view form entries, click on the button Entries at right
  • To switch to another form to edit, click on the dropdown menu at top left
  • The update and preview buttons are now located at the top right of the screen
  • Note: when editing a form, the full WordPress tools menu at left is automatically compressed to allow for more space to work
    • To expand it again, click the left arrow button at the bottom of the WP menu

See the updated version of the user guide Create and Manage Formidable Forms-revised (PDF).

For more information about the new interface, please contact Kathy Atnip.